vinage hawaii

Hey guys, just so you know there wasn’t a hit put out on me from some angry restaurant owner that I gave a bad review.  No, I’ve just been really busy, but I’ve got some extra time in my schedule so there should be some new post up soon.

8 Responses to “I’m Not Dead”

  1. Molly Says:

    I’m glad you’re ok and back; I was beginning to worry. :) (uncharacteristic emoticon thingy from me to you)

  2. Dongle Says:

    looks like sherwood beach

  3. Nate Says:

    Hope to see more stuff! Miss your remarks!

  4. Pomai Says:

    Ha ha. I like your depiction of a guy and dog looking out at the ocean, as if they’re looking for you like you’re lost out there.

    Imagine being at a beach (or anywhere) and someone asks you, “Have you seen Doodoolicious? I’m looking for her.” lol

  5. Nate Says:

    Still waiting! Hope you’re filling your opu with this time off!

  6. Riss Says:

    just stumbled on your blog, and i must say, LOVE IT!

  7. Observer Says:

    Interesting observations re the food but not so facinated with your mouth. What’s with the infatuation with a dirty mouth. Your blog would be more interesting without the sh**t

  8. Allan Says:

    Comparing your french fries to your male anatomy shows you are a low class pig. Its not funny, its juvenile and crass.

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