That’s a pretty ballsy name for a taco shop. I remember being referred to this place awhile back and every time we drive by we’re on our way home and say, “oh well, next time we’ll just have to see.” Well, next time finally came and it was time to see if killer taco was to die for.

From the outside the place looks like a dine in restaurant. Being waited on sounds just about right after a long day at the beach.


Ah, dang-it! We were fooled by those dark tinted windows. You mean I have to go up to the counter and order there. Oh, alright, but no tip for you.

Ray ordered a burrito, as usual. I don’t know, the man likes his burritos. I guess you can’t say anything since he’s Mexican. But for once I dare you to order a taco man, no not the pink taco, the Mexican cooked kind you dirty bastard. Ah, forget it. Get a bloody burrito.


He got the Long Board Burrito, $5.49. It came with rice, refried or black beans, choice of meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. As you can see the burrito was a bloody mess. The making of the burrito was poor. I can’t say that this was Ray’s worst burrito, since he’s had so many, the odds are in their favor. But I can say it was a bitch to hear him wine about it throughout lunch. “It’s so soggy. This shit is mushy, My burrito is falling apart. This taste like shit.” Oh, my God, dude, did your dick just start bleeding. Maybe you should stick a Q-tip up that thing and just shut the fuck up so I can eat my food in peace.


I ordered two chicken tacos, one crispy and one soft. They came with the usual, cheese, lettuce, salsa and choice of meat; I chose chicken. The hard taco was $2.19 and the soft was $2.29.


Uh, did someone forget the chicken? Seriously, what am I paying for, a taco shell and scraps of rabbit food.


My soft taco was served and wrapped up in aluminum tin foil. I’m gonna just go ahead and say this was a bit irritating. It probably wouldn’t have annoyed me as much if I didn’t hate my crispy taco, or if Ray had not been at my side bitching about his meal the whole time. So when it came time to eat my soft taco, I think I had already prejudged it.


But it doesn’t change the fact that this taco really was a piece of shit. This is a really sad soft taco. It was a soggy, mushy mess. I ate my flaccid taco and Ray and I quickly headed out.

Maybe we just got them on a bad day, who knows. But with so many great restaurants near by, I don’t think they’ll be seeing me for a while. Click below for directions
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Killer Tacos
66-560 Kamehameha Hwy

Haleiwa, HI 96712

Get Directions
(808) 637-4573

23 Responses to “Killer Tacos”

  1. Kenneth Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on that one! It’s annoying when restaurants insist on “nickel and diming” the customer. Plenty of other good restaurants to give business to.

  2. ArmchairCook Says:

    I’m totally with ya. Killer Tacos is more like Attempted Murder Tacos at best. Cholo’s, while still underwhelming compared to 95% of Colorado Mexican food, is much better than Killer Tacos.

    There used to be a taco truck (kinda like the shrimp trucks) that would camp out in Haleiwa and they had the best Mexican food I’ve had in Hawaii. Naturally, they disappeared from the face of the earth after about 6 months of operation. One of the other crappy Mexican restaurants probably took a hit out on them.

    (When I get to Texas, I want to eat Mexican nonstop. Dawn to dusk. Well, except for Texas BBQ breaks. I hope y’all can accommodate me.)

  3. Nate Says:

    Glad to see you back!

  4. Pomai Says:

    Oh my. Put you and your “way of describing things” and mexican food under the same roof, and that’s just a disaster waiting to happen. lol Did you folks move to the N. Shore? IIRC, you folks lived in Kailua some where? And then in the Kaimuki area?

  5. pez Says:

    Yay you’re back! Bad Mexican food makes me angry. Embittered by many a flaccid taco and soggy burrito, I’ve resolved to avoid Mexican restaurants outside of a handful of states…though strangely enough, the best Mexican food I’ve ever had was in Boston.

  6. DooDooLicious Says:

    Boston, if I’m ever in Boston I’ll track you down so you can tell me where to go

  7. Samdooby Says:

    WOW, you know being Mexican myself, I am sad to say a lot of “so-called” Mexican food joints mask flavors with lettuce, cheese, and sauce. I truly feel sorry for your burrito and taco experience. Soggy burritos, flimsy tacos, arrgh, gets my blood boiling. But keep fighting the good fight and entertaining us with your finds. Aloha!!

  8. G-daddy Says:

    HO. Cheap eats the way to my heart! What I have learned livin in Waialua is the best fish tacos is Rosie’s Cantina on Thursdays with 1/2 price fish tacos, 2x the size of the killer taco fish stick b4 they cut it in 1/2. you can get a fish taco plate w/ blk beans and rice and a margarita for about 10 bucks

  9. Liz Says:

    I am with you on the Killer Tacos. We were so disappointed. The best tacos I have found in Oahu so far is Bikini Cantina $2 Tuesday, Kalua Pork Soft Tacos. They are in the Aloha Tower. Their pau hana is pretty good with rockin’ mai tais as well.

  10. killer taco lovers Says:

    the food there is great and cheap

  11. Jaywhy Says:

    Wow. Y’know, as a kama’aina living in San Diego who frequents the Baja coast, most “Mexican” food back home is a pretty sad affair, really. Mostly Tex-Mex knock-offs, or a Hawaii-version designed to please local palates.

    My personal favorites: tacos al carbon, small tacos sold by street vendors in Tijuana, Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo, Cabo San Lucas an a few other haunts. Can’t beat the taste of fried lobster from Puerto Nuevo with frijoles and fresh flour tortillas…or five taquitos (rolled tacos) smothered in fresh guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

    For us transplants, San Diego is home to lots of great local chain Mexican food (non-Taco Bell/Del Taco) of every variety — from fish tacos and shrimp burritos at Rubio’s to a two-pound carne asada burrito at Roberto’s.

    Yeah…I’m spoiled.

    Maybe I’ve been spoiled for

  12. Andy Says:

    Nice Post ;)

  13. Frank Soloman Says:

    Killer Tacos is pretty good but when I’m on the North Shore I like to eat at Cholo’s

  14. taco mama Says:

    I have to disagree. First off its not a mexican resturaunt, and secondly… the kalua pig is amazing. The chicken is all white meat chicken breast and everything you order is huge. $5.75 for a monster size burrito that get you full is great. go there

  15. Lydia Says:

    May 27, 2009 @ 4:15pm Killer Tacos was the worst food I ate while visiting the North Shore. Raw tortillas and bland food is not my style of Mexican Food. Taco Bell is bet than Killer Tacos. Not to mention the service was very poor.

  16. tocolicious Says:

    killer tacos was never a taco truck(like a shrimp truck). There food is great. Very flavorful. and they have great customer service.

  17. aussie john Says:

    Went there in Aug 09 to see if it was as bad as some reviewers said. Worst food on the Island equalled only by the level of bad service. Food was incinerated. Worst Mexican style food we have eaten anywhere in the world. Didnt taste as fresh as I would have liked. I cook better than this at home. Had a better luncheon further along at a roadside stall.

  18. shelly Says:

    soo i went to killer tacos in april of 2010. the food was amazing, the portions are VERY good for the prices you pay. the staff are patient, fast and very very friendly. the dinning area inside & out were very clean. they are child friendly and if you havent stopped to try the long board burritos with the kalua pork.. it is a MUST!!!!

  19. Jack Says:

    Thanks for the review! Be sure to post at as well!

  20. Eric Says:

    Try out El Mariachi 2 in Aiea. Good stuff.

  21. foodLOVER Says:

    okay people LISTEN UP, some people just have really bland taset buds. your friend here taking the pics must have seriously messed up his/her food before taking thoose pictures.i have been going to killer tacos since they opened. the food is AWESOME!!!! seriously. dont let theese haters stop you from living life and trying killer tacos.. kalua pig taco salads =] mmmmmm good

  22. DooDooLicious Says:

    I would never mess with the food I blog about. That’s just stupid, what would my motive be? I’m sure Killer Tacos is a great place, but like all great places, they have their bad days, I just must have caught them on a bad day.

  23. Chris Says:

    Hmm, Killer Tacos on the Big Island was fantastic. The kalua pig has our mouth watering for a return visit.

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